BAD Fashion. You CANNOT Unsee This. Ugliest Dress Ever.

This is officially the GROSSEST DRESS I have EVER seen.
How was this allowed down the runway?
Rome fashion week… (insert Jersey Shore joke)
NO but REALLY… WTH was the designer thinking? Free publicity? I dont know if that’s a good thing in this case.

It looks like something that would happen if an alien collided with crazy Japanese comic book creature that ate too many peaches and ended up living in an ice cream cone.

I’m warning you now…
Do not scroll any further…
Unless you are sure you want to see this…
Because image is hard to erase from your mind…

And I’m not sure if this qualifies as NSFW but if I were to bet on it, id say not safe for ANYWHERE.

I am very curious what is going through that model’s mind as she walks down the runway.

– at least you cant see my face, thanks to the bulb covering my face that my hair is sprouting out of…
– why is there a sparkly sequined X across my netherregions enclosed in a cone… and yet the uniboob is hanging out?
– i am frightened this dress will eat me
– At least its 1 boob and not 3… or 6.
– right foot, left foot, right foot, left foot. Why bother, I’m wearing a uniboob.


11 thoughts on “BAD Fashion. You CANNOT Unsee This. Ugliest Dress Ever.

  1. OMG, you said it, ugliest ever! Sometimes fashion can be odd, difficult to understand, shocking even… but this is not fashion, this is a cone, a uniboob and a bulbhead… I don’t know about you, but it looks like the designer created the monster my two year old nephew drew on a piece of paper the other day, and he added the boob…
    It’s actually fascinating how ugly it is… maybe that is the aim of the designer?

  2. God how much did they have to pay that poor girl, or maybe she did it for the lolz. God I’m crying from laughing so hard

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