It’s Fashion Week!!

one of my faves from Honor

Phew fashion week is quite the whirlwind-

this is my 5th? 6th? season doing this, so I have amassed some wisdom I would like to bestow upon the tens of you who care to know

my first 4 truths of Fashion Week
1 – all sodas at fashion week are diet
2 – publicists wear headsets so they can look busy so they dont have to make eye contact with you
3 – sometimes you cant tell the male models apart from the female models
4 – the crazier you dress, the more likely photographers are to run after you outside the tents

The Honor and Tadashi collections were both beautiful – awash with color (brighter during Honor, more subdued for Tadashi)
Next season we will also be seeing lots of
– sheer fabric over solid bright
– long sleeved dresses
– flowy fabrics
– neons

You heard it here first!



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