Fashion Week Day 5

With my boys, designer Marc Bouwer and In Touch Weekly big man Noah Levy

I am having quite a ball, despite the fact that there is just so much to do.

Mixed prints are everywhere, much like they were during the Sept fashion week. I appreciate all those fashionistas who can do it well, because I know its tough!

But I would like to implore some of the burgeoning fashionistas ive been seeing at Fash Wk: If you do NOT know how to do it, please dont. It takes a very specific aesthetic skill and if you dont have it you are hurting all our eyes!!!

Lace is so hot right now. I cant wait to get some lace leggings. I want them in electric blue. If you know of anyone who makes them, please let me know!

Other than that, the collections this season are fun.

Zang Toi’s show closed to a standing ovation. First one i saw of the season. Congrats Zang! Not only is he a great designer but just a wonderful and warm person. Cant wait to see some of the designs on the red carpet.



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