Argentine Eating

Argentina is all about the steak.

I ate at the 2 most revered-by-tourists steak restaurants in Buenos Aires – Las Lilas and La Cabrera.
I also ate at a steak place that locals love as a special occassion spot – La Brigada.

A few observations:
– the meat in argentina is amazing. so much flavor in the good cuts, without any marinade or sauce. rib eye and sirloin were superb. well marbled and perfectly cooked in their gigantic grills.
– you dont need to eat at all the steakhouses in argentina unless you really love steak that much. they are not THAT different. Las Lilas remains my favorite
– The sweetbreads at La Brigada were among the best i’ve ever had. we had veal sweetbreads – they bigger than Ive seen in america. Just the right amount of gamey and juicy at the same time
– a sprinkle of coarse Argentinian salt was a nice touch

But the shocker for me was that there was some amazing italian food in Argentina (I suppose this makes sense considering the large Italian contingent there. There are even very italian neighborhoods such as San Telmo)

I LOVED Caseros in San Telmo. People stared at us as we walked in because I dont think they see very many Asians. I always take this as a good sign because it means it’s a local joint.

Their seafood tagliatelle is worth a mention as are their grilled vegetables with poached egg. speaking of which, produce tastes so good in south america!


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