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Bloggin’ Again… With a Purpose. (AKA: How I Dealt W Morning Sickness)


My hubby and I announced our pregnancy to the world!

3 months pregnant

we also announced that we have finally left NYC and moved to the suburbs.

eric michelle new house

A lot of announcing at once, yes I know.

At 12 weeks, I feel it’s finally okay to start chronicling this journey called motherhood.

So far, I’ve had a pretty quintessential first trimester.

Morning sickness was awful. Combined with the fatigue it was much like being hungover for 2 months. But no matter how much Gatorade I chugged, and how much fried food I ate, I couldn’t beat the damn nausea. As a former wino, the feeling was so familiar, and so my inability to get rid of it was so disconcerting.

Anyway, my quick hangover morning sickness remedies for all you 1st trimester moms out there.
1. Ginger tea – Look it’s an ancient Asian remedy, yes… but I also found that the warmth of the tea itself was very soothing. Boil some ginger slices, add some honey and lemon, if you like, and then sip away. It will at least pretend to calm your stomach for a little while
2. Aromatherapy – Who knows if I’m just falling into a psychosomatic trap, but my friend Cindi gifted me this fantastic Earth Mama Angel Baby Morning Wellness spray. Basically it smells like ginger and citrus… So if you want to just sniff your tea, go for it.
3. Watermelon – or any super watery fruit that you like. Preferably something nostalgic that reminds you of a simpler time when you weren’t trying to grow a tiny human being inside you. It hydrates, (and thus is also good for your skin!) and will soothe.
4. Get a massage – Easy way out, but what the hell. The relief from all the rubbing will at least take your mind off the nausea. Also if you are battling major fatigue, this is a great way to get in a mid-day nap.

These are the 4 things that worked for me. Most everything else that people recommended did jacksh*t. Those car sickness bands that dig into your wrist, magnesium supplements, taking a “brisk walk” (wth is that?), deep breathing (well, this helped a little… like for the duration of the breath).

But my real take away from this was that you have to try everything, and byt he time you are ALMOST done with your first trimester, you will find out what works. At least you can save the knowledge for the next baby.

Also, now that I think of it, all those rememdies would also work for a hangover.

Moving my website!

Hi all,

I’m hosting a new show about fashion in the NY/NJ/CT area!! So, I’ve decided to go balls deep and really start a blog.

Please find me at www.michellepark.info

I dont know how to link it to my wordpress so my new blogs will not be ending up here. sorry!!

not so tech-saavy but love you guys.


Inaugural Issue of Heaven Has Heels!

I’m one of the “Faces of Fashion Week” in the inaugural issue of Heaven Has Heels-

much thanks go to Editor-in-Chief and all around fashionista Angela Gilltrap.

I’m excited to read the magazine, because I LOOOOOVE shoes.

http://issuu.com/heavenhasheels/docs/hhheels_fall2012 <– thats the whole issue there

New York Fashion week is here y'all!!
It's the 2 times of year I work like an investment banker… lots of models (not the excel kind) and bottles (of diet coke).

Can't wait to see the collections 🙂

PSY makes GangNam Style into NY Style

As you have probably heard, there is currently an extremely viral music video making its way around the internet.

it’s called Gangnam Style – the song is by long-time korean recording artist PSY.

Not only is it utterly hysterical, but its also quite catchy. it’s already at 50 million youtube views and keeps climbing. pretty crazy!!

Anyway, I had the great honor of interviewing PSY at work yesterday.

He is funny, down-to-earth and totally laid back. a wonderful interview.

PSY: I think I’m handsome, but people say I’m not handsome.
Me: Really?
Psy: Yea. do YOU think im handsome?
Me: (looking at him…) sure, I think you’re handsome…
Psy: did you get that on camera?????

doesnt get much humbler than that.

he taught me how to do the famous horse-riding dance on the air, so i will be posting that soon, but until then, enjoy his video!!

Obsessed with the Hermes Collier de Chien Cuff Bracelet

The Hermes CDC is a fave of celebs including Lady Gaga, Kate Moss, and Victoria Beckham.
Also, just about every style editor in New York City has one of these cuffs.
Easy to see why, because you can wear it with EVERYTHING. Whether its to add some edge to a feminine pastel outfit or fully rock out in some black leather, this cuff is perfect. It comes in black and brown – being a wannabe rockstar, I love the way the black one looks. You can tell that it’s also geniusly engineered to fit and stay on your wrist.

Pricey though, at $1025.

Still, love it. Definite must-have for fashionistas in the know.

Recipe: Gochujang Balsamic Viniagrette

So I have recently become a kale fanatic – I love the green leafy crisp texture and the nuttiness of the vegetable – I tend to blanch it before putting it in a salad because it is a little bitter.

I tweeted about the gochujang balsamic vinaigrette I used for my salad today, because, well, I’m Korean. And I love gochujang.

so this recipe is for @marianne2679

oh and for those of you who don’t know, gochujang is a korean red pepper paste that is tangy with a hint of sweetness.

Gochujang Balsamic Viniagrette

3 tbsps gochujang
2 tbsps whole grain dijon (I used Maille)
3 tbsps extra virgin olive oil
2 tbsps grated pecorino romano
salt and pepper to taste

Mix all the ingredients with a hand blender or fork or whatever is most convenient until it is all well combined.

Top your salad!