Inaugural Issue of Heaven Has Heels!

I’m one of the “Faces of Fashion Week” in the inaugural issue of Heaven Has Heels-

much thanks go to Editor-in-Chief and all around fashionista Angela Gilltrap.

I’m excited to read the magazine, because I LOOOOOVE shoes. <– thats the whole issue there

New York Fashion week is here y'all!!
It's the 2 times of year I work like an investment banker… lots of models (not the excel kind) and bottles (of diet coke).

Can't wait to see the collections 🙂


Obsessed with the Hermes Collier de Chien Cuff Bracelet

The Hermes CDC is a fave of celebs including Lady Gaga, Kate Moss, and Victoria Beckham.
Also, just about every style editor in New York City has one of these cuffs.
Easy to see why, because you can wear it with EVERYTHING. Whether its to add some edge to a feminine pastel outfit or fully rock out in some black leather, this cuff is perfect. It comes in black and brown – being a wannabe rockstar, I love the way the black one looks. You can tell that it’s also geniusly engineered to fit and stay on your wrist.

Pricey though, at $1025.

Still, love it. Definite must-have for fashionistas in the know.

Mother’s Day Gifts!

I shot a segment today with In Touch Weekly’s Noah Levy about some awesome mother’s day gifts.

The best thing is, I got some discount codes out of it – so I am happy to share with you guys who want to save some $

Heres the complete list of all the gifts WITH SPECIAL DISCOUNT CODES
Andaz Hotel and Spa – $65 cucumber melon body scrub. And an extra 10% for the month of May in honor of all mothers. When booking, mention NY1 for the discount.

Mario Badescu Skincare – $65 Basic European Facial for Mom

Phytomer Skin and Body – Oligomer Well-Being Duo Shower and Body Cream with a 20% savings retailing for $77. Now through mother’s day, if you order $100 or more on you’ll receive a FREE silk robe.

Annieglass “Text” Collection Glass Letters – $50 per letter, handmade in California.

Harney & Sons – $29 Tea and Cookies for Mom. The SoHo store is located at 433 Broome St. (212) 933-4853.

Tavalon Tea – $50 Mother’s Day Sampler Gift Set Deluxe includes a Gift Set of 3 teas and a Tea Pot

Allison Parris Fashion – $75 Chain Belt with Grosgrain Ribbon. NY1 viewers get 50% off through mother’s day with code “NY1” at check out.

Of A Kind – $80 Gemini Pouches and $98 Catch All Totes

Recreating Red Carpet hair

Who watched the Oscars? I don’t LOVE award shows. There is too much talking and and ooh-ing and trailer-ing and not enough Melissa McCarthy.

But, I love watching the red carpet coverage to see what everyone is wearing.

Anyway, Michael Dueñas from Hair Room Service gave me some tips on how to recreate that red carpet hair.
(He’s pretty legit – he’s worked with Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, Yoko Ono, the cast of GLEE, InStyle, WWD, US Weekly, Glamour, Elle, Allure and People)
You can bet your butt I’m going to give these a try the next time I go to… um… something fancy.

Trend #1 – hot hot hot Buns
Michael says: All the buns have one thing in common, they all began their lives as ponytails. To achieve Emma Stones twisted bun: Simply gather the hair into a tight ponytail with a deep side parting. Separate the ponytail into five different sections. Taking one section at a time, wrap loosely around the base of the ponytail and pin. Taking your next section, weave in and out and around your first section. Proceed in this manner until all sections are weaved throughout each other and pinned securely to the head.

Trend #2 – sweep it to the sideMichael says: The deep side parting with hair on one shoulder is a look anyone can achieve. blow out your hair with as much curl and or body as you choose. Once done set the style with hair spray. Decide what side of your head you would like your hair to cascade down. Bring all the hair over to the side and place either in front or behind your shoulder. Gather the hair at your nape and twist it under (if you do not want to see the hair that is secured to your head) or over (if you want to see the twist) and pin with hairpins. Finish with elastic.

Beauty Fix for Breakouts

I’m adding a beauty category to the blog because I spend a good chunk of my time trying to reverse the aging process and make sure I look halfway decent on camera.

I discovered the most amazing product last week.

Mario Badescu is known to have the “best facial in Manhattan.”
I havent had every facial ever in NYC but i will say the facial i had was amazing. My esthetician, Maria, wasn’t shy about squeezing everythign out of my pores.

But because I have to wear so much makeup day to day, (and because I love to eat rich, fatty foods) I get the occassional breakout.

Well, while I was there, I picked up the MB drying lotion and buffering lotion. Not kidding you, the combo of the two will take care of any breakout you can have.

You know those really deep zits that kind of hurt and when you squeeze em it gets you nowhere? This fixes it. and trust me, I’ve tried everything.

Anyway, enjoy 🙂

It’s Fashion Week!!

one of my faves from Honor

Phew fashion week is quite the whirlwind-

this is my 5th? 6th? season doing this, so I have amassed some wisdom I would like to bestow upon the tens of you who care to know

my first 4 truths of Fashion Week
1 – all sodas at fashion week are diet
2 – publicists wear headsets so they can look busy so they dont have to make eye contact with you
3 – sometimes you cant tell the male models apart from the female models
4 – the crazier you dress, the more likely photographers are to run after you outside the tents

The Honor and Tadashi collections were both beautiful – awash with color (brighter during Honor, more subdued for Tadashi)
Next season we will also be seeing lots of
– sheer fabric over solid bright
– long sleeved dresses
– flowy fabrics
– neons

You heard it here first!


Fashion Week is Almost Here – Spending Time with Fern Mallis

I spent some time with Fashion Week creator Fern Mallis at the Dream Hotel Downtown.

Fern is not just a fashion legend but she is also just a fun and well-rounded chick.

Anyway, she is launching her new jewelry collection for QVC, inspired by her travels to India and Asia –
affordable and fun.
I had a blast playing dress up with her

I’m looking forward to the madness that is about to begin…

Followed Noah’s Beauty Tip! Awesome

Please ignore the absurd face im making and focus on the makeup…

I was at dinner with my friend Noah Levy, a senior news editor at In Touch Weekly, and we were talking all things beauty.

He suggested that I use a shimmer bronzer on my cheeks instead of blush and adding more contouring to my face.
It made a huge difference!

Thank you Noah!