PSY makes GangNam Style into NY Style

As you have probably heard, there is currently an extremely viral music video making its way around the internet.

it’s called Gangnam Style – the song is by long-time korean recording artist PSY.

Not only is it utterly hysterical, but its also quite catchy. it’s already at 50 million youtube views and keeps climbing. pretty crazy!!

Anyway, I had the great honor of interviewing PSY at work yesterday.

He is funny, down-to-earth and totally laid back. a wonderful interview.

PSY: I think I’m handsome, but people say I’m not handsome.
Me: Really?
Psy: Yea. do YOU think im handsome?
Me: (looking at him…) sure, I think you’re handsome…
Psy: did you get that on camera?????

doesnt get much humbler than that.

he taught me how to do the famous horse-riding dance on the air, so i will be posting that soon, but until then, enjoy his video!!


It’s STILL Fashion Week!

Asian girl sandwich

Not much time to post, but I’ll give you some highlights.
Went to Max Azria’s private dinner last night. Happens every season and never disappoints. Solange Knowles came by and BOY is she gorgeous.

lots of lace. Rebecca Taylor . Monique Lhuillier . Tadashi Shoji all showing tons of lace. lace leggings by RT i just LOVED.
lots of leather.
lots of sheer over solid.
lemon yellow.

I also cant wait to get me some of those equestrian-inspired boots that they were showing at the Herve show.
Monique’s leather belts with the dip in the front were super flattering for the female figure, so will be buying one of those as well.

4 more days to go!

Jersey Shore’s Deena Tweets a Make-Up Free Picture… Following Snooki

I hate to admit that I watched Jersey Shore… but the hot mess of a show is really intriguing, esp considering I used to live in Jersey.

Anyway, a la US Weekly spread “Celebs, theyre just like us!” the Jersey Shore cast is now tweeting their just-like-us and not-made-up-like-a-Thai-hooker photos.

Deena tweeted hers a few days after Snooki tweeted her pic of a makeup-less face.

I have to say, both girls look much much better. They may want to consider ditching the bronzer and going au natural…
right, who am i kidding.

Willow Smith = Nicki Minaj?

No one can dispute that Willow Smith is the spawn of two parents with very very good genes…
So why not take a Jada or Will route and be super pretty or really bad @ss?

No, instead she has decided to whip her hair back and forth with a maria antoinette style pink wig.

Sigh, I need a moment of silence. Too bad her hair is FAR TOO LOUD for her little self.

LiLo Debuts Philipp Plein Campaign

What ad exec decided it would be a good idea to make Lindsey Lohan the face of their fashion campaign?

Also… do you think the reason her left leg is hidden is because of the ankle bracelet?

Methinks yes.

Anyway, I find this patriotic, a little strange, and distracting due to my concern that she will get her probational ankle bracelet wet on that dock…