Shoes, Shoes, and More Shoes

First of all… I love that fashion is art and art inspires fashion and fashion and art can hold hands and skip across our world.

These custom-made Christian Louboutin pointe slippers are just gorgeous.

In other news, for mother’s day I bought my mom lunch.
For kicks, my mom and I bought me new Chanel shoes. I think I made out pretty well this mother’s day, despite not being a mom 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day to all! ❤

Chanel at/on Your Fingertips

Lots of Blue at the Chanel show…
down to nitty & not-so-gritty the nails.

But the blue to watch was the pretty pale blue on the nails of all the models.
And that color is NOT in Chanel’s current nailpolish collection which means…
yes fashionistas and fashionistos, this will be the new polish to look debuting likely soon.

Love that pearly sky color; almost makes me forget how cold it is out here!