fashion show!


fashion show!

I helped out with the Made in NY show last night – thank you to all my beautiful gfs who dropped by to support and thanks to Claudine DeSola & Valerie from Caravan Stylist Studio for making me a huge extension-filled ‘do 🙂 and finally, i dont have a pic of me and Nancy Schuster, but i wish i did!! hehe loves my nanimal


Recreating Red Carpet hair

Who watched the Oscars? I don’t LOVE award shows. There is too much talking and and ooh-ing and trailer-ing and not enough Melissa McCarthy.

But, I love watching the red carpet coverage to see what everyone is wearing.

Anyway, Michael Dueñas from Hair Room Service gave me some tips on how to recreate that red carpet hair.
(He’s pretty legit – he’s worked with Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, Yoko Ono, the cast of GLEE, InStyle, WWD, US Weekly, Glamour, Elle, Allure and People)
You can bet your butt I’m going to give these a try the next time I go to… um… something fancy.

Trend #1 – hot hot hot Buns
Michael says: All the buns have one thing in common, they all began their lives as ponytails. To achieve Emma Stones twisted bun: Simply gather the hair into a tight ponytail with a deep side parting. Separate the ponytail into five different sections. Taking one section at a time, wrap loosely around the base of the ponytail and pin. Taking your next section, weave in and out and around your first section. Proceed in this manner until all sections are weaved throughout each other and pinned securely to the head.

Trend #2 – sweep it to the sideMichael says: The deep side parting with hair on one shoulder is a look anyone can achieve. blow out your hair with as much curl and or body as you choose. Once done set the style with hair spray. Decide what side of your head you would like your hair to cascade down. Bring all the hair over to the side and place either in front or behind your shoulder. Gather the hair at your nape and twist it under (if you do not want to see the hair that is secured to your head) or over (if you want to see the twist) and pin with hairpins. Finish with elastic.