Inaugural Issue of Heaven Has Heels!

I’m one of the “Faces of Fashion Week” in the inaugural issue of Heaven Has Heels-

much thanks go to Editor-in-Chief and all around fashionista Angela Gilltrap.

I’m excited to read the magazine, because I LOOOOOVE shoes. <– thats the whole issue there

New York Fashion week is here y'all!!
It's the 2 times of year I work like an investment banker… lots of models (not the excel kind) and bottles (of diet coke).

Can't wait to see the collections 🙂


Pretty Patent Prada Heels for Spring

This spring’s prada shoes are just adorable. they are inspired by ’50s hotrods. little brake lights! I can’t even handle it.

Colorful, shiny, and a bit muscle-y. This is my type of footiecall.
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