Inaugural Issue of Heaven Has Heels!

I’m one of the “Faces of Fashion Week” in the inaugural issue of Heaven Has Heels-

much thanks go to Editor-in-Chief and all around fashionista Angela Gilltrap.

I’m excited to read the magazine, because I LOOOOOVE shoes. <– thats the whole issue there

New York Fashion week is here y'all!!
It's the 2 times of year I work like an investment banker… lots of models (not the excel kind) and bottles (of diet coke).

Can't wait to see the collections 🙂

I’ve Been a Fashion Week Delinquent

Fashion week and fashion reports are finally over so I have some time to breathe

One of the major highlights of the week was getting to reconnect with fashion friends who i only get to see twice a year.
I also spent my time not just covering the shows but working on a 2 year retrospective of Alexander McQueen’s death in time for the first ever runway show of McQ – his diffusion line.

Fashion community still really misses McQueen, but I agree with everyone: Sarah Burton is doing an amazing job.

Please watch my piece that aired on NY1 and around the US on our time warner affiliate channels 🙂–new-york-fashionistas-praise-alexander-mcqueen-s-legacy

It’s STILL Fashion Week!

Asian girl sandwich

Not much time to post, but I’ll give you some highlights.
Went to Max Azria’s private dinner last night. Happens every season and never disappoints. Solange Knowles came by and BOY is she gorgeous.

lots of lace. Rebecca Taylor . Monique Lhuillier . Tadashi Shoji all showing tons of lace. lace leggings by RT i just LOVED.
lots of leather.
lots of sheer over solid.
lemon yellow.

I also cant wait to get me some of those equestrian-inspired boots that they were showing at the Herve show.
Monique’s leather belts with the dip in the front were super flattering for the female figure, so will be buying one of those as well.

4 more days to go!

It’s Fashion Week!!

one of my faves from Honor

Phew fashion week is quite the whirlwind-

this is my 5th? 6th? season doing this, so I have amassed some wisdom I would like to bestow upon the tens of you who care to know

my first 4 truths of Fashion Week
1 – all sodas at fashion week are diet
2 – publicists wear headsets so they can look busy so they dont have to make eye contact with you
3 – sometimes you cant tell the male models apart from the female models
4 – the crazier you dress, the more likely photographers are to run after you outside the tents

The Honor and Tadashi collections were both beautiful – awash with color (brighter during Honor, more subdued for Tadashi)
Next season we will also be seeing lots of
– sheer fabric over solid bright
– long sleeved dresses
– flowy fabrics
– neons

You heard it here first!